How do I order if I am from other countries?

Our website currently can ship to the address located in the USA.

There are many transport company will be glad to help. Some customers will find some transport company to send our products to their location. 

How do I ensure that my resin cures properly without any bubbles?

7 Steps to a Bubble-Free and Flawless Cure

  1. The temperature of the workspace, and resin itself, is key. The workspace should be between 72°-78°F, the closer to 78°, the better.
  2. If the resin is cool, use a warm bucket of water and place the resin and hardener bottles into the warm water. This will prevent microbubbles. The working time* of the resin mixture will decrease from 45 minutes to 30 minutes. This is because the resin mixture is thermosetting, and with an increased temperature, the curing process will begin sooner than usual. (*Working time is the time you have to mix and pour the resin mixture once the hardener and resin meet in the same cup.)
  3. When pouring either the resin or hardener, carefully pour down the side of the measuring cup. Pouring from high above the measuring cup can result in air bubbles.
  4. Double check that the resin and hardener are exactly a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener.
  5. When mixing, mix smoothly, thoroughly, and consistently to avoid adding air bubbles. (To avoid adding air to the mixture, press the stirring utensil to the bottom of the cup while mixing.)
  6. After the resin and hardener is mixed and poured, wait about two minutes. Then, to remove any air bubbles, use an artist’s torch, kitchen torch, lighter, toothpick, or straw to remove bubbles. (Keep checking over the next 1-2 hours to make sure that additional bubbles do not appear.)
  7. Last tip: If the resin and hardener are ever milky or cloudy, this is a good indicator that the temperature of your resin is too low.

How do I demold my resin piece from a silicone mold?

Carefully pull the mold away from each of the sides of the piece before demolding. Pulling the mold off of the edges of the casted piece, first, prevents the silicone mold from sticking to the cast and tearing.

How long does the resin take to cure?

Our epoxy resin able to demold after 8 hours, but it is not fully cured until 72 hours. Be careful when demolding at 8 hours, because the cast can still be scratched.